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Stare down your fears, shatter your insecurities, and shake off the apathy that tries to hold you back. You’re not a prisoner—you’re an Overcomer. Tear off the labels the world tries to put on you during a new series starting Oct 1 - this weekend. Fear won’t tame you. Apathy can’t stop you. Insecurities don’t beat you. You’re more than the labels people try to slap on you, because you’re not who the world says you are—you’re an Overcomer. Shatter some expectations with us in a new series starting Oct 1st.

Week One –     Oct 1   Overcoming the Curse of Comparing 

Week Two –    Oct 8    Overcoming the comfort of Apathy 

Week Three – Oct 15   Overcoming the Lies of Labels

Week Four –    Oct 22  Overcoming the Face of Fear