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What to expect


Church @ The Southgate began in 2006 with about 20 people with a God given vision of meeting people right where they are with the gospel of Jesus Christ. Besides our love for Jesus and His church, there are three things that continue to press us, captivating our heart and stirring our passion:

-Our desire for people to know and experience the grace of God and grow in it.
-The presence and power of the Holy Spirit at work in His people.
-The fact that we refuse to be a one-generation church.

Out of this passion came our Vision Statement:

Called by God - Changed by His Love - Committed to Reach Every Generation.

It’s really very simple. And so we practice 3 things;

We are Called by God
  -to belong and believe - This happens on Sunday Mornings.
We are Changed by His Love
  -to become like Jesus - This happens in Small Groups.
We are Committed to Reach Every Generation
  - to build a life of serving and sharing - This happens through Serving Teams.

We will always strive to keep it simple and present the message of Jesus Christ in a way that speaks to today’s culture and helps you to live out those truths everyday of the week. We think you will find the Southgate to feel like home and a place where you will be reminded that you matter to God.