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Thank you for your interest in the Blessing Post Clothing Exchange!

The purpose behind this ministry is to help each other by sharing our “extra” clothes with another to make “enough” for all. We are expecting this event will have a great turn out for those in the community and serve a great need. We are already preparing for our next seasonal change. We are looking forward to you exchanging your gently used and washed clothes for other clothes you could use.

*You are more than welcome to simply make a clothing donation
to help others, donate, or volunteer.*

Here is how to be a part of the Blessing Post Clothing Exchange:

1. Go through your clothes and determine which ones may no longer fit, are no longer your style, or something you just won’t wear but someone else could.

2. Be sure to clean the items you are wanting to exchange and place them in a bag to bring to the church site.

3. When you arrive you will be greeted and turn in your clothing and provided with a receipt valid for the event date to select alternative clothing.

4. Take the receipt with you to pick out “new to you” clothing.

*There are no fitting rooms on site*